Jewellery pieces are very delicate and OMNIA pieces are no exception.

If you want to keep your jewellery looking new as long as possible, take note of the special care you should follow:

– Avoid any contact with abrasive situations or products, in particular, cosmetics, detergents or perfumes.

– Avoid any type of situation that involves excessive wear, especially with rings.

– Avoid practising sports while wearing the pieces. Sweat and chlorine affect their durability.

– Accommodate the pieces carefully in order to avoid friction with others or, in the case of necklaces, to avoid knots.

– Clean the pieces occasionally, with a soft and dry cloth, preferably made of cotton.

OMNIA pieces fulfil all the quality requirements, in 925 sterling silver, 925 sterling silver gilt or 9 or 19 carat gold, properly certified by the INCM Assay Offices (more information on this matter here).

For additional information or any other clarifications, please contact us through our e-mail: [email protected]