The Omnia

Omnia is a Portuguese brand that revolutionized the world of jewellery in Portugal, uniting two concepts that were opposite in principle: trendy fashion accessories and traditional jewellery.

OMNIA is a world of emotions and experiences. It’s the amulet for decisive days, the gift given at the right time, or a happy memory.

The Omnia

The OMNIA world is a part of each one of us and it contains the strong emotions and discoveries of every day. It’s a real world, drawn with dense lines and full of irregularities that add colour to life.


They are confident, determined, authentic and passionate. They use details that they know make a difference and with them they conquer the world. They know how to choose and know that having presence is not taught.


OMNIA collaborations are part of its distinctive, creative and innovative identity.


More than a brand, OMNIA is a way of being in life, of believing in the best version of each one of us. It is an expression of our dreams, emotions and sharing experiences, which we all want to remember and keep close at hand.

The Heritage:
Castro Maia

In the 50’s, with the world changing and new projects appearing every day, Castro Maia appears in Porto, on February 11, 1950.